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How many people work at Innovation Agro & Nature?

Innovation Agro & Nature has 12 staff members. In addition, several people are closely involved with the staff via our alliances with the business sector. The network of people actively involved with Innovation Agro & Nature is about forty times that figure – about 500.

Is Innovation Agro & Nature part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs?

Yes, from 1January 2015 Innovation Agro & Nature is part of  the board Agro and Nature Knowledge.

What is the relationship with the Top Sectors?

The Agri-Food and Horticulture & Propagation Materials Top Sectors are of primary importance for Innovation Agro & Nature. However, in view of the trail-blazing nature of our work, we also maintain relationships with other top sectors such as Water and Energy.
The added value of Innovation Agro & Nature is mainly generated through our longer-term focus and our pursuit of breakthrough ‘game changers’, often in the context of cross-sector projects.

Who finances Innovation Agro & Nature?

Our staff and programme budget are paid by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. We are also cofinanced by the private sector, through alliances like SIGN, Courage and STIRR. Finally, several projects are financed in part by other parties. Furthermore, the private sector and other parties also make contributions at project level. In general, the closer a project advances towards its initial practical application, the greater the contributions from other parties become.

Is Innovation Agro & Nature located in The Hague or in Utrecht?


Innovation Agro & Nature is situated in Utrecht because of this city’s central location. The area code of our telephone number is still +31(0)70 because we use the Ministry's ICT facilities.

When does Innovation Agro & Nature consider an idea to be groundbreaking?

There are no hard and fast rules for this. In general, though, we look at the following aspects:
  • is it an entirely new way of looking at a problem;
  • does it require a complete turnaround in thinking (such as the glasshouse as an energy producer, instead of an energy guzzler);
  • does it question accepted truths or paradigms; because of this, many groundbreaking ideas can be controversial;
  • If successful, it can have a revolutionizing impact on existing practices;
  • would many different parties be involved in realising the idea?


If I have a good idea, should I call Innovation Agro & Nature?

The more ideas, the better! If your idea involves a groundbreaking innovation in one of Innovation Agro & Nature’s fields of interest, do not hesitate to contact us. On our website you can see the projects we have developed in the past years as well as those that we are currently working on. These projects have been classified in our three domains. Elsewhere on this web site, you will find contact details of our staff members and the projects and domains that they are involved in. You may approach a specialised staff member, or call our general number.

How do I maximise the chances that Innovation Agro & Nature will pick up my idea?

Innovation Agro & Nature bases its decision whether not to invest in a new idea on two general criteria: the idea must be truly groundbreaking (see question six), and the potential to have a revolutionizing impact within our selected domains. Naturally, we only have limited means and capacity. We have no choice but to set priorities when we draw up our work programme each year and we do so with careful deliberation.

If I have a good idea which is already in an advanced stage of development, could I applied to Innovation Agro & Nature for financing?


Innovation Agro & Nature does not provide subsidies. We offer to be a partner in developing the details of a groundbreaking idea. Our involvement is usually limited to the early stages of development. If your idea is ready to put into practice, you should apply to one of the more regular innovation support programmes of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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