Innovation Agro & Nature

Innovation Agro & Nature develops ground-breaking innovations in agriculture, agribusiness, food and green spatial planning and ensures that stakeholders put these into practice. These innovations are focused on long-term sustainable development. Innovation Agro & Nature seeks to kick-start these ground-breaking innovations by developing breakthrough concepts which, once implemented, catalyze radical and far-reaching change.

Our concepts are aimed at pursuing new ideas and perspectives - by abandoning established assumptions (such as with our Temporary Nature concept), by embracing far-reaching ambitions (such as with Antibiotics-Free Chains and the North Sea Fisheries Projects), or by embracing a revolutionary new approach (such as with Market for Manure).

Far-reaching changes can never be brought about by a single organization, no matter how big. So Innovation Agro & Nature does not work alone.

The organization consists of a bureau with a limited number of staff and a manager. Innovation Agro & Nature participates in an extensive network of parties comprising changing coalitions of civil society organizations, businesses, government agencies and research institutes.

Innovation Agro & Nature is from 1 January 2015 part of the board Agro and Nature Knowledge of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Work programme structure

Innovation Agro & Nature works on projects within three domains: Agriculture & Horticulture and Agribusiness, Nature, Landscape and Space and Nutrition. Within the horticulture, dairy farming en recreation sectors we are also pursuing a series of themes in alliances with the business community as well as with such organizations as SIGN, Courage and STIRR.

Innovation Agro & Nature, part of

Ministerie van Economische Zaken